About Us


The Perfect Prepper provides high quality Emergency Preparedness Kits and emergency items for everybody and every situation. Our predesigned and custom emergency kits are like no others on the market. Whether it is one of our predesigned kits or a kit custom tailored to your specific needs, every one is full of high quality items that you need in an emergency and nothing that you don’t need.


We don’t buy premade emergency kits to resell. Every kit we sell is designed by us and assembled when it is ordered.

We don’t put anything in our kits that has not been tested by us or that we do not believe in.

We don’t sacrifice quality to make more money.


You need to be ready for power, water and communication outages, storms, fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, evacuation, tsunami, riots, chemical spills, biological hazards, epidemics, local catastrophe, etc.

Being prepared for an emergency not only makes you ready for it but also insures that you will not be a drain on the resources of local shelters and emergency services which will most likely already have too many people to care for.

Who will look to you in an emergency?

Family, Pets, Friends, Employees, Passengers, Customers, Neighbors and Community.

Emergencies REQUIRE Quality!

Emergency preparedness is a well thought out emergency kit with quality items that are easy to use. Emergency preparedness is NOT a pre made low quality emergency kit from your local box store or online dealer who simply resells them for a profit and does not care if the kit fails you in an emergency. You can be assured that you are READY when you purchase an Emergency Preparedness Kit from The Perfect Prepper.

In an emergency, You truly get what you paid for!

Kevin Winter – founder of The Perfect Prepper

I was born in San Diego in 1966. My father was a firefighter and EMT as well as an active outdoorsman. He taught me to always plan and prepare for anything that may occur, especially emergencies. The philosophy of self-reliance and preparedness were solidly instilled in me during my childhood. I learned from my father that failing to plan is planning to fail and that you cannot count on others to help you when things go wrong. You must count on yourself.

I have spent thousands of hours in the outdoors, the wilderness, deserts, oceans and seas where there is rarely anyone to help you. I even spent 2 years working in Alaska and the Bering Sea (Yes, even in the winter). I have gained vast emergency and survival skills and thus have become an expert in emergency preparedness and survival. I know what is required to be truly ready for an emergency or disaster and have used my knowledge and skills to help others be ready to care for themselves, their families, friends, neighbors, pets, employees, students, customers, passengers and others.

The culmination of my efforts is The Perfect Prepper. I know that a low quality emergency kit can cause discomfort, suffering or even a life. This is why The Perfect Prepper offers only high quality emergency kits and supplies that are designed by professionals who know what you need and what you don’t.

I truly care about my community, my country and everyone in it. That is why I started The perfect Prepper.



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